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Build-A-Bot Workshop Build a Remote Controlled Robot!

Build-A-Bot Workshop Build a Remote Controlled Robot! Saturday, April 20, 1:00 PM–5:30 PM

This Build-A-Bot Workshop was held in honor of Charles Manly, noted pioneer aviator engineer, and is cared for at Maple Grove Cemetery.

The Build-A-Bot Workshop was indeed a delightful success! We had a FULL house and had over 40 children and parents in the Community Room at the Center.

The Community Room was set up by the Maple Grove Staff and we had ample room with all the tables and chairs set up in the room. The many windows in the room provided plenty of light.

Ido Tuchman the teacher of the workshop came with two associates and brought all their supplies. The concept of the workshop was incredible and they built remote control robots from a box of cereal and TV remote control buttons. When everyone left all their robots were working and running!

This event was sponsored by the Friends of Maple Grove and funded by The Josephine Foundation.

Photos: Build-A-Bot Workshop Spring 2013

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