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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Friends of Maple Grove presented their third Murder Mystery Dinner Theater event at the Center at Maple Grove on Saturday, October 24, 2015.

The scuttlebutt in the air is that The Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery Civil War Murder Mystery 2015 was the best of the best! Food prepared by Chef Anthony was wonderful and we had left overs. The size of the audience was perfect. Nine tables of 8 was a perfect fit. It was so easy to walk around, serve and clean up.

Andrew's actors, all ten of them, did an incredible job! The costumes looked so great! We have an incredible collection! The acting, singing etc etc was perfection.

The table settings and all the decorations were wonderful. Did anyone notice the new Victorian Table with Victorian shoes and stockings for legs! We need to thank Steven, Helen, Bonnie and Joanne Pilar for all their help in setting up and cleaning up.

We were so lucky to have two young ladies from St. John's University to help us!

Thanks to all who came and helped.

Carl Ballenas President of the Friends of Maple Grove

This year there was a twist as the murder took place during a Victorian Mummy Unwrapping Event. There were many clues and props to look at. The meal was provided by Chef Anthony and was deemed a hit by the many compliments received.

The actors gave a brilliant performance and provided musical numbers as well.

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