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1914 Afternoon Tea

Saturday afternoon was devoted to the preparations for the 1914 Tea Party. This event was created to coincide with the time period of World War I. The tea offered food and music to those attending. The event was dedicated to Tony Sbarbaro, the drummer of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band who is at Maple Grove! There were over 50 people who paid for the event. Celeste prepared most of the food, including egg salad, cucumber, and salmon sandwiches. There were also many home made desserts and pastries. Celeste was able to recruit the Undertones who provided period musical selections. There was also a short lecture given by Helen about the Tea. The food was delicious and very much enjoyed! Platters of food were placed on the tables along with the centerpieces and beautiful place settings. We had many pots of hot tea and also provided rosa and white wine. There was a period of conversation and then the music began and very much loved and appreciated. There was also a Best Costume Contest! The Baumann Sisters were the judges and a prize was given to the winner. It was a wonderful night! The event ended with a gift to the Friends of Maple Grove by the Undertones. - Carl Ballenas

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