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The Matthew Graybil Piano Concert

Greetings to all!

The weather on October 12 looked dire but there was a shift and we had a beautiful calm evening. It brought out a large crowd. We had 63 people who came and they in turn were rewarded with a magnificent concert. Matthew was incredible with his style and performance and enchanted everyone. He told us that the Maple Grove Steinway piano is a marvelous instrument It is a Class B piano and by looking up the serial number discovered that is was made in 1883! Matthew and the piano as a combination, created music that rival any concert hall in the world! It was a privilege for the audience to watch and hear! The crowd more than once jumped to their feet and gave him a standing ovation. It was a unique and breath-taking experience. Matthew spoke about each piece that he performed and provided humorous and informative anecdotes that was greatly appreciated. He spoke about Conductor George King Raudenbush, who is buried at Maple Grove and was honored at this concert and mentioned that as a young boy, growing in Pennsylvania, attended concerts to hear symphonies where Raudenbush was the founding conductor.

We had a reception afterward and Matthew came and spoke to his admiring audience, who were so impressed by his poise and charm! It was a unique afternoon and one that will not be forgotten.

Thanks to Helen and Jo Anne for helping set up and running the event so smoothly.

Thank you

Carl Ballenas

President of the Friends Maple Grove.

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