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Winter Landscape Painting

Winter Landscape Painting

Friends of Maple Grove sponsored a Winter Landscape Painting Event Saturday, March 13, 2010. A number of talented artists flocked to the Celebration Hall to be inspired by the vistas offered from the ceiling to floor windows of the Hall. It might have been a rainy day but that did not deter the artists from creating landscape masterpieces. Led by Mandy Gor, the artists set up easels and with paints and brush in hand selected a spot to begin their work. Carol Lacks provided a small arrangement of sweet treats with steaming hot cups of chocolate which did much to chase away the winter blues. The hours seemed to fly by and small artistic wonders began to appear on canvas and paper. It was a remarkable and truly wonderful event and needs to be repeated in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Artists painting views of winter landscape at Maple Grove.

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