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 Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery  Established 2005

         aple Grove Cemetery was established by a group of six Brooklyn businessmen in 1875 - late in the period of rural cemetery development. Until that time most rural cemeteries were created through the purchase of large tracts of land by private citizens. However, under the leadership of William Cogswell, the six businessmen cleverly purchased 75 acres of undeveloped land in Jamaica and Newtown from Mary A. Webb, in exchange for one half the proceeds from the sale of burial lots. The benefit to the newly formed Maple Grove Cemetery Association was that it would not have to raise funds ahead of time to purchase the land.


 Friends of Maple Grove was established November, 2005. Friends believe a cemetery can have a dual purpose; celebrating and honoring those who came before us and paying tribute to life. Maple Grove today is far more than a traditional non-sectarian cemetery. It is a serene park and center for wild life; it is a place of spiritual beauty and antiquity. It is a haven of 65 magnificent acres for those who wish to walk the grounds in quiet contemplation. But even more, Maple Grove has become a friend to the Queens area, providing educational, cultural and spiritual events for children and adults alike. Continuing its commitment to celebrating life, Maple Grove heralds its fine state-of-the-art Center, offering a host of opportunities for evolving community relationships.



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