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The Family Magic Show at Celebration Hall

AN AFTERNOON of FAMILY MAGIC and ENCHANTMENT Let the Spirits Charm You! Sunday, July 31, 2011 3:00 PM

The Family Magic Show at Celebration Hall at the Center at Maple Grove Cemetery was a wonderful experience and a great time was had by all who attended!

The event was created to honor two unique individuals who are in Maple Grove's care. HENRY HATTON the noted magician, co-founder of the American Magician Magic Society and friend of Harry Houdini and also SAMUEL LOYD the noted "Puzzle Prince of America", the "King of Puzzles."

The Two magicans Peter Samuelson and Dennis Kyriakos were remarkable and performed such astounding feats! The children were in awe and so were all the adults! Staff members of the Briarwood Residence walked over with 14 children and they were so wonderful to have and to welcome. Bonnie Dixon General Manager of Maple Grove had a glorious display of treats and beverages on the food table. Of course the beverage of choice was PINK LEMONADE! You may all recall that the inventor of pink lemonade Peter Conklin (Famous Clown) is buried at Maple Grove.

What a unique and wonderful work we are doing for the community and for those we take care for at Maple Grove. We are teaching the very young about respect of those from the past. When we teach them about respect of the past we are also giving them valuable lessons about respecting the present and those here, who are with us now. Is there any better audience for this work than the young?

Photos: Sleight of Hand Wizard Dennis Kyriako (top photo) has a "captured" audience with mystery, wonder, and fun during his performance. World Class Magician Peter Samuelson provokes thought and inspires wonder for the audience.

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