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Kids with Cameras Making Movies—Film Premiere

Kids with Cameras Making Movies—Film Premiere Monday, April 8, 7:30 PM

We honor Irving Rapper, Golden Age of Hollywood Director, who is interred at Maple Grove.

This experiential educational five week program provided students ages 11-15 with the opportunity to learn the art of documentary film-making with the guidance of industry professionals. Students learned to identify various forms of documentary film-making ranging from MTV reality to the traditional narrative made popular by Ken Burns.

Students also learned to develop a story idea all the way through to the interview, and how to effectively use a video camera with proper sound recording. Lastly, students edited their footage and used soundtracks to further shape their story into a powerful, visual form.

This five week program culminated with a Red Carpet Premiere showcasing the films and the student filmmakers!

This program was funded by The Josephine Foundation.

Photos: Above, student filmmakers gather at the Red Carpet Premiere. Photo by C. Ballenas; Below, Irving Rapper directing actress Bette Davis in the 1942 film, "Now, Voyager".

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