Memorial Day Reflection Honoring Veterans at Maple Grove

Memorial Day Reflection Honoring Veterans at Maple Grove Saturday, May 25, 2:00 PM

The Memorial Day event was very touching and beautiful in many ways. The rain during this event only added to the somberness of the day for those we were honoring.

Judy Close was able to bring the Vietnam Vets Color Guard of Chapter 32, Queens and they came with beautiful flags and banners, and Civil War Reenactors in GREAT uniforms of the period. She also brought a group of Boy Scouts from Glendale, and in the pouring rain, they went out and placed small American flags at the graves of many Veterans near the lake. They were indeed well prepared for the rain wearing their ponchos and were quite eager to honor those we care for at Maple Grove.

They found graves of those from WWI, WWII, Korean War, Desert Storm, Vietnam, and even the Civil War. They walked all the way up to the Presidential Circle to view the 9/11 Memorial.

Andrew was able to secure a truly incredible singing group called SPIRITUS and their singing was very emotional. The songs were well selected and very meaningful for the occasion.

The Scouts, Color Guard, and Civil War group all processed in. We were fortunate to have representatives for Assemblyman Mike Miller and Congresswoman Meng. Senator Addabbo attended the event and gave a moving speech honoring those who are cared for at Maple Grove.

Andrew gave a wonderful reading about the American Pledge.

At the close of the ceremony, we all processed up to the patio in front of the Celebration Hall (the rain stopped for a few minutes) and Spiritus sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic. The last moment was hearing the notes of TAPS played on a bugle.

It was a very moving ceremonial tribute and we thank you all who came and supported this beautiful event. Special thanks to Alex who helped with the chairs, the set-up, and clean up; and to Judy for photographing the event!

We truly look forward to doing it again next year.

Photos: (Top) Senator Addabbo giving a moving speech honoring those who are cared for at Maple Grove; (Middle) Vietnam Vets Color Guard of Chapter 32, Queens, Civil War Reenactors, and Spiritus; (Bottom) St Matthias Ridgewood Cub Scout Pack 327. Photos by Judy Close

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