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Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner Saturday, October 26, 7:00 PM

Our first ever Murder Mystery was very well received. We plan to create more in the future and improve on each one with new historical figures and story lines!

Some comments:

"... Just sending a note to let you know my husband and I had a WONDERFUL time at the Murder Mystery Dinner. You worked very hard and it showed. The food, the mystery, the young performers and the way the tables were set up. We were both very pleased. Hope that there will be more Murder Mystery Dinners at the Maple Grove. Have a good week..."

"...It was certainly new and a milestone..."

"...a huge success thanks to so many people! Bonnie thank you so much for helping out with so many, many details... And ringing the bell etc etc etc..."

"Helen, your help with the "Spirit" table was incredible. All the little touches made the table beautiful. I am certain our "Spirit" guests took the elegance of the decor and made them feel unique and special."

"Alex, you and your group of helpers were beyond words in their helpfulness and kindness... In fact they got into the whole mystery of the event and were guessing along with everyone else..."

"Andrea, thank you for helping... it went so well and we fed over 100 people!!!!"

"Gavriel thank you so much for writing this script and putting so much of your time into the acting and helping out in so many ways..."

"Henry, you did a great job as Papa Cizto!"

"Thank you Cate, Carol, Lisa and Judy..."

"Andrew, you did a great job! We are all grateful to your group of dedicated and talented actors. They act, sing, dance, and even play the piano. You worked wonders with the group and really wowed the audience..."

Photos: Murder Mystery Dinner 2013 Actors in their Costumes Photos by Jo Anne Raskin and Helen Day

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