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Memorial Day Service and Musical Celebration

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Friends of Maple Grove had their second annual Memorial Service and Musical Tribute, on Saturday, May 24, 2014.

The Friends of Maple Grove had their second annual Memorial Service and Musical Tribute on Saturday May 24 to honor those courageous and brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice defending the freedom we now relish.

We were honored to have the Richmond Hill Boy Scout Troop 177 Holy Child Jesus come and place flags at the graves of veterans involved in conflicts and wars including the Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I and World War II, the Korean War etc. and as they placed a flag on the graves, they saluted each and observed a moment of silence. They traveled throughout most of Maple Grove Cemetery in their diligent quest to honor the veterans.

Later the Scouts joined with the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 32 and formed a Color Guard for a moving ceremony next to the lake, in sight of the 9/11 Memorial. The weather was perfect and a cooling breeze kept the flags fluttering throughout much of the ceremony.

Andrew Koslosky, Vice President of the Friends of Maple Grove and Chairman of The Josephine Foundation served as the Master of Ceremony. He opened with a welcome and we started with a prayer recited by Board Member Alex Samaroo. There was a dramatic reading along with a story of the Pledge of Allegiance told by Andrew. Spiritus, a wonderful singing group, offered up glorious patriotic songs in beautiful harmony that moved the crowd who attended. Their last number, The Battle Hymn of the Republic was particularly harmonious and roused the patriotism in all who heard them.

The service ended with a lone bugler playing the haunting melody of Taps.

For those who attended, it was a moving and heartfelt experience that should become a yearly tradition.

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