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Unveiling Ceremony: Josef and Rosina Lhevinne Historic Plaque at their Kew Gardens Home

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Friends of Maple Grove presented this unveiling ceremony, on Saturday, June 7, 2014.

After nearly three years of planning, the house that Josef and Rosina Lhevinne built in 1919 and resided in for decades had a bronze plaque placed in the front garden.

In a moving ceremony we recited their names, told their story and provided a monument to keep their memory alive.

There were many who helped us and we are very grateful for the support.

The present owner of the house is Dr. Robin Inwald and her family and they were very supportive in having a marker at their home. The Aquinas Honor Society students helped with the writing of the text along with Dr. Inwald. Bonnie Dixon and Harry Appleby at Maple Grove Cemetery were instrumental in getting the beautiful glacial boulder placed in front of the house and it took a great deal of effort!

The plaque was cast by The Artistic Bronze Company located in Florida.The majestic boulder with the bronze plaque has a monumental feel, both sacred and revered.

The Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery have gone beyond the gates of the cemetery and have extended its presence in the community, with this monument which is given to the entire community.

The ceremony was held on June 7 and began in the Center at Maple Grove. A group gathered and walked to the graves of Josef and Rosina Lhevinne and speeches were given and thoughts shared by the group who attended. Among them was Don Capalbi who was there to represent Congresswoman Grace Meng. He praised the work of all those involved in the undertaking of this monument. Three members of the Aquinas Honor Society attended and held photographs of the Lhevinnes. The frames were provided by the Material for the Arts organization. A bouquet of flowers was left at the grave and the group proceeded to leave the cemetery, walking through the heart of the Kew Gardens community, to the 1919 home of the Lhevinnes.They were met by members of the Kew Gardens Civic Association including the esteemed Mr. Murray Burger. The monument was draped with a shimmering fabric from the Material of the Arts.

After a few words, Murray Berger, Helen Day of the Friends of Maple Grove and the Richmond Hill Historical Society, Aquinas Vice President Ariel Narine and Dr. Robin Inwald unveiled the monument for all to see. It is indeed a handsome addition to the cultural aspect of the community. Dr. Inwald graciously invited everyone to a tour of the house which was greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for making this event possible.

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