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Victorian Depot Tea

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Friends of Maple Grove hosted a Victorian Depot Tea on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

On May 9 we hosted this Josephine Foundation funded event with food, a history of the LIRR lecture, and musical entertainment by Bill Gati.

Jo Anne and Helen provided me with some extraordinary photographs of our Victorian Depot Tea. They give a wonderful indication of how successful it was!!! The numerous comments from those who attended were filled with appreciation and praise. We had over 50 people who attended.

The lecture by Michael Charles was informative and very well received. The musical melodies provide by Bill Gati were also wonderful!

The FOOD was a huge hit and we are very grateful to have the wonderful talents of Chef Anthony.

The success of our Tea was also due to a lot of helping hands. Helen has extraordinary organizational skills and was on top of everything and handled so many details. Susan and Jo Anne were so helpful and made everything run smoothly. We had a great team with Steven, Alex and Derek. They provided professional table services and were everywhere constantly helping from beginning to end.

Lastly, we have to extend a great deal of thanks to Bonnie for all her hard work and dedication to the Friends of Maple Grove.

We have a wonderful team and we can accomplish a lot!

Please look at these wonderful photos!

Thanks again and again.

Carl Ballenas President of the Friends of Maple Grove

Click here to see the flier for this event

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