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Music For Life: Celebrating Larry Sherman!

Friends of Maple Grove organized a Multi Media Event Celebrating Larry Sherman on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

The event grew from a small idea in my head. I have knocked on so many doors developing an outreach beyond the walls of Maple Grove. Briarwood, and especially BAN has been a great partner to us. I wanted to find a way to bridge the BOULEVARD (Queens Boulevard) and create an event to bring members of that community to Maple Grove and the Center. Larry Sherman, who is now an octogenarian, lives in Briarwood and is well known in that community. I was shown his beautiful photographs of NYC from the 1940's and 1950's and thought they were remarkable. Than he started reading to me passages from his unpublished autobiography and they were extraordinary! Than he played for me some of the folk songs he composed and played from the 1960's at Town Hall. I had a spark of an idea of a multi media show and brought in Celeste and she dreamed up the entire event in her head.

It took many many meetings and rehearsals but the event went off wonderfully! The day was beautiful and it started with a photo exhibit in the lower lobby and it was packed. The event moved up to Celebration Hall and we filled every chair.

Celeste assembled a wonderful group of musicians and singers who performed a melody of remarkable songs and it touched all those who attended. I have been hearing many wonderful comments and people were thrilled. There was an intermission and the Sherman Family provided us with a wonderful feast!

It was a memorable night and one that will not be forgotten.

Bonnie Dixon was a gracious host! Brandon Arjun our newest board member and Arturo Enamordao our newest Archivist, were there to help and even worked as the stage crew! Jo Ann Raskin as always captured the event forever with her many wonderful photographs. Helen Day and Andrea Crawford were there to help as was our ever faithful volunteer Bill Porter.

Celeste Chau is a miracle! How she gets all these talented people to come and donate their time is incredible. She sees things most people do not!

Thank you!

Carl Ballenas President of the Friends of Maple Grove

Click here to see the flier for this event

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