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Victorian Novelties 2017

Greetings to All!

The weather was a bit warm on Saturday but we were so lucky that the big thunder storm had come very early that morning and by the time the event started we had a sunny day!

This event was thought up by Arturo and Joe a while back and with the help of Celeste and other board members came off very well!

Joe was able to secure the talents of Cyclone Jack who walked around and did card tricks, than did old Victorian Novelty acts that awed a lot of people, including breathing and eating fire and laid on a board of nails! Great entertainment! Celeste was able to secure great talents to come, perform, speak and give demonstrations. She had Mr. Chavez from the Yo-Yo Club come and he performed a great many tricks with the yo-yo that were so intricate and complex but did them with great ease. Celeste also got Julie Carlsen from the B&B Rare Book Association to come and give a lecture and brought some rare Victorian Books and spoke about quite a few authors. Julie dressed in Victorian dress and did a splendid job. There was also the singing group that Celeste put together and they did many wonderful old time songs from the Victorian era. We were also fortunate to get Denny Daniels and his Museum of Interesting Things to come and he was a huge hit with the audience and had so many wonderful things to show. Natalia, the Saw Lady was there with her saw and hand bells! She attracted quite a crowd when she started playing as always! Celeste was kind enough to travel all the way to Astoria to get her and returned her home! Helen did two lectures, one was about a typical Victorian Dinner Setting and create a beautiful display another lecture about Victorian Funerary costumes and had a display of our Victorian Mourning Jewelry and other artifacts. Arturo gave a very informative lecture about Victoria Tattoos and was ably assisted by Joe! I did a quick walking tour about out Victorian Monuments. Santiago was there looking very dabber in his collegiate attire complete with straw hat and cane! Arturo, along with Joe, Jack and a friend of Arturo, walked around among the crowd in costume! Steven came and helped out at various stages. Jo Anne was dressed up as well and took many wonderful and incredible photos! See some attached here. The event took a lot of organizing, setting up and cleaning up! It was well received. Speaking for myself I had a wonderful time and thought this was indeed a very unique event and I am so glad we did it!!! We attracted the attention of NY1 who sent a reporter to cover the event. Stay tuned.

Thank you to everyone who made it a wonderful event.

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