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Lion King

This was the 3rd event held on Saturday and started at 6 pm. It was conducted by Celeste and Helen.The numbers were incredible!!! We had nearly 60 RSVP calls with 49 who showed up. It started with an Arts and Crafts workshop at 6 PM with the children creating African Masks. We gave them many free items collected from MFTA. Utsab was unable to attend to set up the projector but lent us his projector. Aneil Pooran, a new Friends of Maple Grove member helped with the technical aspects and used his laptop to set up the showing of the film which started at 7 PM. Aneil came with a number of members of his family who helped to greet people and cleaning up! The comments of the parents were high, high praise with many posting pictures and comments on Facebook. - Carl Ballena

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