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Holiday Concert


Our last concert of 2018!

We had standing room only at this concert for 2018.

It was so well received and everyone had a great time.

Mr Ballman, the Director of Queens Cultural Affairs and Tourism did come and gave a speech and was indeed impressed with the building and everything about the Friends.

We had hot chocolate and cookies along with wine and cheese and had four SJU students who literally saved the day!!! LOL They came to the 10 AM Humanities Workshop and stayed through out most of the day, moving chairs, creating cookie and cheese platters and stapled the 125 programs! Helen and Jo Anne helped out. Utsab was BACK :) and taped the entire event.

The Celebration Hall looked very festive and the variety of the musical numbers was widely appreciated. It was a fun and lively concert! Celeste did a great job and the performers always love coming to Maple Grove.

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