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Victorian Decoupage Workshop

The word decoupage comes from Middle French "decouper", meaning to cut out or cut from something. In 19th century England, during the Victorian era, hand coloring and intricate cutting out gave way to the more sentimental, florid collage-style of this art form. This coincided with the introduction of Valentine cards, decorative and embossed papers and braids to embellish surfaces such as screens, lamp bases, linen boxes and much more.

The Friends of Maple Grove offered a new Victorian Craft Workshop to reflect Maple grove Cemetery, founded in the Victorian Period. The workshop was organized by Helen Day and the artist Peppy conducted the workshop. Boxes of all shapes were provided. Scissors were soon cutting away at many intricate patterns and brushes with glue adhered the paper cut out to the surface of the boxes. Some had themes of angels, crossword puzzles and cats. It was a full day workshop and a light lunch was provided.

Those who attended learned a delightful craft and took home a wonderful piece of art!

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