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9/11 - National Day of Service & Remembrance - Community Conversation

Friend of Maple Grove Board member Jo Anne Raskin led a conversation about 9/11 today with a large group of over 15 people. It is sad to note, that there are very little events marking yet another anniversary of the attacks on the United States on 9/11. It was a Humanities conversation sponsored by the Friends of Maple Grove. Our observation and conversation was even more meaningful by the presence of Captain Robert Nussberger and Captain Christine Kraft. Captain Nussberger, described in horrific details, how he survived that day as the towers fell upon him. Captain Kraft told us about the three plus months she spent at Ground Zero providing assistance and comfort to the many families looking for loved ones after the attacks. For those who attended, it was a riveting experience. There was a Q & A that followed the presentations. Light refreshments was provided for all. Jo Anne led the group to the Portong grave site located next to the Victorian Building. We have a beautiful 9/11 Memorial at Presidential Circle in Maple Grove Cemetery, honoring 23 victims of the attacks who are buried at Maple Grove. Many in the group could not make the long trek to that 9/11 memorial, so the Portong site was selected. It was appropriate, as Ludolf Portong was one of the victims of the unsolved 1920, September 16 Wall Street Bombing. One of the first terrorist attacks in the United States. The group placed flowers on his monument and called out the names of the 23 victims of the 9/11 attacks. It was a very moving and memorable tribute.

Photos taken by Carl Ballenas

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