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Spirits Alive


Spirits Alive 2019 was a smashing success and very well received. We started off with a sunny humid day and a wonderful team of actors! They were dressed to the hilt in magnificent period attire. There was a special group of three Kew Gardens World War II soldiers.

All three are named on the 1947 Kew Gardens Memorial. Richard Smith, is the only Kew Gardens soldier of the 27 on the memorial plaque whose body was returned to Kew Gardens and buried at Maple Grove. Richard was played by Sean Miller who also had an incredible display of vintage World War II uniforms which attracted a lot of attention.

Captain Chris Kraft, who worked at Ground Zero after the attacks of 9/11 had a photo display of the work she was involved with and talked about the 23 victims of 9/11 who are buried at Maple Grove. We were very fortunate to have a unique and solemn Re-dedication by the Pyramid Lodge organization at their 1893 Maple Grove monument. They are marking and celebrating the 160th anniversary of their founding in 1859! Many visitors were given a special privilege to see this ceremony!

We had many visitors who walked through the cemetery and heard many historical stories. It truly was an event that brought history to life!

Photos taken by Carl Ballenas

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