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Murder Mystery 2019

The first night of the Friends of Maple Grove Murder Mystery Production 2019 took place last night. It was set in the 1920s with a script written by Aida Vernon. We have back to back Murder Mystery nights on Friday November 1 and Saturday November 2. We do not advertise our Murder Mystery event, as it gets filled up very quickly. This year was no exception! Last night was the first and we had a very enjoyable evening with a large crowd. Andrew and his actors created a wonderful evening of entertainment. The actors were dressed in high fashion and the script kept everyone guessing and even provided a few laughs. The actors were wonderful and the audience reacted with delight and ended the night with applause.

The food was provided by Alba's and was warm and delicious! The desserts came from Dough'verload and was relished by all.

Helen, Carl, Santiago, Jo Anne, Maria and Alex were the hosts for the entire evening and were helped by four wonderful students from Saint John University.

Day One was a great success and looking forward to Day Two tomorrow night!

Thanks you all!

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