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For The Heroes

Not All Heroes Wear Capes!

We have all heard about the major sacrifices that are being made by many to help those who are suffering today. It was decided The Friends of Maple Grove should show our appreciation for these wonderful people. We took a fraction of our member ship fee and on Wednesday April 8, provided lunch for the heroes at the Queens Hospital Center. We received this message listing all those who benefited from the hot lunch delivered "Thank you for providing lunch to Queens Hospital Center. It was wonderful. We fed those staff that tend not to usually get fed. The nurses and front line staff get all the attention. We fed the other heroes. The transporters who are now spending all day bringing bodies to the morgue trucks, the housekeeping staff who are cleaning and sterilizing everywhere. The Hospital Police who make sure everyone is safe. The Admitting team who deal with all the hassles of finding patients beds and then deal with the death certificates. And finally the nurses at the Family Call Center who speak with desperate families who can’t see their loved ones. They were so appreciative. thank you." - Andrea Crawford, Associate Executive Director Risk Management Queens Hospital Center.

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