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Margin Alexander Facebook Live Concert

Greetings to Our Friends!

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Friends of Maple Grove we welcome you to another wonderful afternoon concert featuring the talented Margin Alexander.

We thank you for your continued support and dedication. Our membership continues to grow and we appreciate your confidence in bringing you the best performances available. The positive comments from our previous concerts were outstanding. As we patiently wait the day when we meet once again in Celebration Hall at the Center, we pray for your safety and well-being. We are working diligently to create programs for the future. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our website. The entire concert is available for your viewing pleasure in the above video.

Carl Ballenas

President of the Friends of Maple Grove

This concert was dedicated to Roger Durham Hannay 1930 - 2006. He was a Professor of Composition and the founder of the University of North Carolina's New Music Ensemble. It goes perfectly in tune with our performer who is our first composer and pianist.

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