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Our 1st Live Stream Concert Featuring Pianist Markus Kaitila

On May 9th, 2020 The Concert began by our talented Pianist reading the following message from The Friends of Maple Grove:

Greetings to our Friends!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Maple Grove, we send out to you our deepest wishes that you are safe and adapting to this present situation to the best of your ability.

The Friends of Maple Grove may be a small organization, but we certainly have a very strong and determined group of Board members who have been creating some wonderful programs. It is because of your support and cooperation that we can move forward with all that we do. You inspire us!

Recently we provided the hard-working staff at Kearns Funeral Home with lunch. It was greatly appreciated.

Today, we sponsor our First Live Stream Concert, featuring the very talented pianist Markus Kaitila. Be prepared for an extraordinary concert!

This concert is dedicated to Eli Hoadley, a music teacher, and author who we recently discovered is one of our notables at Maple Grove. History does indeed come alive at Maple Grove.

Please visit us at our website, and our Facebook page for upcoming programs.

Do visit us on Youtube, where this concert and many of our previous musical events can be relived and enjoyed!   

Thank you

Carl Ballenas

President of the Friend of Maple Grove

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