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Ron Sharpe Tunes and Trailers Virtual Concert


On August 29th, 2020 Ron Sharpe put together an amazing concert "Tunes and Trailers" before the concert began the following message was read.

Greetings to all our Friends!

The Friends of Maple Grove is delighted to bring you another wonderful concert. 

We continually send to you our deepest wish and prayers, that you are all safe in the comfort of your family and home. 

All our concerts have been extremely well received and we are in the process of creating many more for the fall season. We are hopeful that one day soon, we can all meet in the Celebration Hall at the Center at Maple Grove.

Today we are delighted to present to you for your listening pleasure the talented vocalist Ron Sharpe! He has curated, arranged, and performed all the songs! There will be a question and answer session at 6 pm following the concert. We are all in for a wonderful time. 

This concert is dedicated to honor the memory of Robert Gunstone, a talented young musician who came to rest at Maple Grove Cemetery at the age of 21 in 1966. is cared for at Maple Grove Cemetery.  A lecture about Robert and other members of the Gunstone Family can be viewed on a PowerPoint Lecture found on our website. Please find the time to watch it. 

This year marks our 15th year for our annual Day of Remembrance event. Held on the third Thursday in September, every year. It is a greatly anticipated program, attended by hundreds who come to remember and honor their departed loved ones. The highlight of the event was when lit rice paper lanterns were placed in the Maple Grove lake and it was a beautiful site at twilight. This year, the event will be an online event and instead of lanterns a large Remembrance Tree banner will be on display. Leaves inscribed with the names of departed loved one, prayers and sentiments will be placed on the tree. Please view our website for additional information. 

Thank you for your continued support and dedication. It is uplifting to know, together we can overcome many obstacles and create many wonderful moments!

Carl Ballenas

President of the Friend of Maple Grove

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