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Women's Suffragette Exhibit and Concert

Updated: May 16, 2020


On Saturday, March 7th, 2020 our first seasonal event of 2020 took place. It was an Exhibit and Concert marking the 100th Anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment and Women's History Month.

At 2 PM we started the event with a photo exhibit in the Art Gallery with over 35 vintage photos about the Women's Suffragette Movement mounted on the walls. Denny Daniel the curator from the Museum of Interesting Things did a presentation with rare artifacts from the Women's Suffragette period. It was very well received. Cemetery Historian and President of the Friends of Maple Grove gave a lecture about the topic and used a great music parody about the suffragettes that used the music of Lady Gaga and her Bad Romance song. The first part of the event was funded by Humanities New York and was a big hit!

Helen Day and Jo-Ann Raskin wore period costumes. Members of the board of the Friends who attended and offered a helping hand were Maria Vitozzi along with Marco Vitozzi, Giovanni Vitozzi, and Alex Samaroo.

The concert started at 4 PM to a large crowd. In the introduction Helen and I made a note to tell all, that this was our 10th Anniversary of the event with the Friends of Maple Grove! It was a 2 hour concert and was a huge success with songs, instrumentals, and selected readings. Savina and Aneil from Dough'verload LLC made a very special dessert for the event, delicious vanilla cheesecake bars decorated with purple blackberry sauce, gold wrapping, and edible purple and white butterflies. They perfectly represented the colors of the Women Suffragettes.

Thank you

Carl Ballenas

President of the Friends of Maple Grove

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