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David Holzman Virtual Piano Concert

On August 1st, 2020

We had another successful and beautiful virtual concert, by the wonderful David Holzman. Before the concert began the following introduction was given on the behalf of the Friend of Maple Grove.

Greetings to our friends!

Our fervent wish and prayer are for all of you to be safe and in good spirits.

Welcome to another wonderful concert sponsored by the Friends of Maple Grove , under the direction of Board member Celeste Chau.

Today we are featuring the virtuoso pianist David Holzman, who has graced our celebration hall at the Center with beautiful concerts in the past. He has graciously added commentary to accompany this online concert. It is filled with unique insights. Enjoy this wonderful concert!

As with all our events and concerts we dedicate each one to someone from the past who is cared for at Maple Grove Cemetery. This concert is dedicated to the memory of a married couple, Mr. Ransom Delano and his wife Charity Demarest Delano. Both were afflicted with blindness at an early age and overcame this affliction with dignity and grace and lived fulfilling lives. They fell in love and were married for 47 years and are still together at Maple Grove Cemetery.

A soon to be released online lecture, telling the story of the Delanos, will help launch our online lecture series for the Friends of Maple Grove. We are in the process of creating online lectures that can be viewed from the safety of your homes. Each lecture will have poignant stories, images, and important historical information. Please go to our website for dates and times for this upcoming series of lectures.

Thank you for your continued support for the Friends of Maple Grove.

Prayers and well wishes to all!

Carl Ballenas

President of the Friends of Maple Grove.

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